Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will certainly find the answers to your question(s). We would be grateful to you for kindly looking through the FAQ before asking us directly.

Should you wish to suggest a new heading or a specific question, we will be pleased to look at it and, if appropriate, to include it in the FAQ together with our response.

The easiest way to request an appointment with a Felines is to click on the BOOK button on the page of the desired escort and to complete the form.

At the agency we prefer to receive requests that are quite clear, exact, and precise, coming from gentlemen who show respect. To allow us to provide a quality service, we would appreciate receiving the following information, to begin with :

  1. Your real last name and first name (just your first name will suffice for the first contact).
  2. Your email address and a telephone number where we can reach you discreetly (you may specify the appropriate times).
  3. The date (or approximate dates) for the meeting.
  4. How long it should last.
  5. The country, city, and location (minimum 4* hotel or high-class private home).
  6. Your choice of Feline, a list of those preferred or, as appropriate, a description of your kind of woman.
  7. To help you to choose the right hostess, kindly use the filters on our Escorts page
  8. An honest description of yourself (age, height, look, where you are from, languages are spoken, kind of job, etc.).
  9. The sort of services you expect.

This information will only be used in order to meet your requirements in the most appropriate way, and will never be revealed to third parties (see our “Privacy Policy“).

Although we strictly adhere to relevant laws and also apply a code of professional ethics to providing companionship services, not all countries recognize the legality of our activity.

You are therefore entirely responsible for ensuring that our services are permitted in the country where you wish to meet a hostess from our agency.

This having been said, any city and country with good international connections and a high-quality hotel infrastructure are acceptable.

Kindly use our filters to find your hostess according to her country of residence.

Given its international vocation, our agency works with occasional escorts from various countries (mainly in India). The heading area of residence on a Mumbai Escort Services profile provides information about the city (or region) where your hostess is based.

Mumbai Escort Services who are based in Mumbai only accept dates abroad for one night or more, or shorter meetings in foreign cities nearby.

As we only have occasional escorts at our agency, we do need to ask them on a case-by-case basis. It is, therefore, preferable to contact us a few days before to arrange the date, and in some cases maybe even a few weeks.

If you are looking for a same-day date, you will need to contact us by telephone before 8 pm at the latest.

No, sorry. The Mumbai Escort Services agency only organizes dates at your hotel (of high standing) or your private home. Contrary to numerous other agencies we do NOT handle incall dates, having either a bachelor flat or reception rooms available. High-class escorts always go out for their dates, they never receive their clients: OUTCALL only, please!

Given the very strict selection criteria for our agency hostesses and the considerable lengths we go to in order to ensure that the escorts and our clients are “compatible”, this situation almost never comes up. The photos on our website and the description of the hostesses always being accurate, you are highly unlikely to be disappointed.

Nonetheless, it could happen on very rare occasions that you wish to send back the Mumbai Escort Services who came. In this case, you are free to do so, but only during the first 10 minutes and by informing the agency and reimbursing your hostess with at least Rupee 5000.- (in her area of residence), or her effective travel costs plus accommodation if necessary.

Since a good date with an escort is above all a question of how you both feel about each other, it is possible that such situations arise, but fortunately only on rare occasions. Should this be the case, don’t hesitate to talk to your hostess about it and call the agency to terminate the date. You will only be asked to pay for the time actually spent with your escort (pro-rata) plus travel costs unless you advise otherwise.

Please note that the Mumbai Escort Services, being entirely free and under no duress whatsoever, may also decide to terminate the date if they don’t think it is going well.

The most courteous way of paying is to discreetly hand over the agreed sum at the beginning of the date to your hostess, and please, without her having to ask you!

There can be no question of negotiating the rate when the hostess you chose comes; this is very bad form for a gentleman and will not be appreciated. Although we strive to establish a climate of confidence with our clients, it is possible that the hostess wishes to check the sum; please don’t take offense.

If you wish to meet an agency escort abroad or further than 100km from her domicile, a deposit will in principle be payable in advance, as well as the cost of any airline tickets. Once this advance payment has been received, we can confirm your date.

The advance payment can be made by international bank transfer or by credit card (+ 5% transaction fees).

With us, discretion is the golden rule! We consider your personal details to be confidential and the agency only gives the escort the information absolutely necessary for the date to take place (e.g. the name of your hotel, your room number, your telephone number, your last and first names). Each hostess is required to respect absolute professional secrecy and that she may not retain your personal details. On this matter, we invite you to refer to our Privacy Statement.

In most cases, we prefer to know our customers and to build up a climate of mutual confidence. Apart from that, evident security reasons dictate that no agency hostesses can travel without both her and the agency knowing your identity. For short dates at your hotel, it is possible to give us just your first name and a room number. Depending on what time the date is set for (if it’s late) and also the hotel policy, your hostess sometimes has to know your real name to be allowed access to your room.

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